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Small update!   I finally got to meet up with changeofthemoon in Baltimore.  We had sushi, checked out a book fair, and chatted geeky things up.  It was fun!

Also:  It's October!  My favorite month!  Not because it's my birthday, but because all the awesome spooky things come out.

Happy October, from Hel!

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Had been super busy.  60 hour work weeks (money good, lack of time not so good), followed by stomach flu currently.  My entire body hurts.  Puked for two days.  This is the third.  No puking, but I still feel like hell.

G-ma in hospital.  Mom in hospital.  Pneumonia.  Joe is still doing fine.  He suspects all the time at the hospital did me and Kyle in.

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Job interview with Banana Republic tomorrow.  Retail is not where I want to be, but I do hope I get the job and I'll make sure to make myself valuable to them.  Top side is one of the manager's is Joe's cousin, whom is pretty nice.  I need a job and I look forward to picking away at my school loans with more ease.

Also as of this week I am out of medical debt!  Woo!

Kyle has been staying with us all week which is nice.

Also I have lost and kept off a solid 10 lbs in a little over a month.  I wish it was more, but I recognize it's a healthy loss.  Another 10lbs and I'll be more than pleased.  Another 10 after that, and I will never complain about my appearance in terms of weight ever again. But spending so much time thinking about what I am eating, counting calories, occasionally restricting, breaking my binging habits every time I eat something sweet again and again:  It's tiring! But I have to admit that not only did I let myself go in college, but it's only natural for my metabolism to being to slow down.  Plus surgery didn't help.

Either way, my goal weight is around the 110-112 mark.  But I was pretty comfortable at 120 as well.  I'm at 130 now.  And on the occasional morning when I wake up to see 129lbs on the scale, I get excited.

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As I said, Joe and Bismark made up.  Bah, I get so anxious over things.  Anyhow, pictures of the make-up, and one of me being caught by Joe giving him peek-a-boo from the other side of my computer chair.

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Bismark is slowly getting used to being tranced.  His little heart no long beats fast over it.  He more-or-less gives us the, "This again?" disgruntled look.  But puts up with it.  Apparently belly up practice was Joe's punishment for him.  Eat Joe's computer cables?  Belly rubs.

Maybe I should eat Joe's cables too.  I like belly rubs!

Writer's Block: Clash of the titans

When was the last time you had a serious conflict with someone on LiveJournal, and what was it about?

Two summers ago I decided I wanted to try a vegitarian diet to lose weight.  I didn't find it too hard and figured I would go a little further and try vegan.  I had issues keeping my energy up, and also wanted some more recipes under my belt.  I joined a vegan group on LJ to ask about recipes and how to keep my energy up.  I was asked why I decided to become a vegan, and I said I wasn't a vegan but that I was trying a vegan diet for health reason.

Somehow a shitstorm hit about how the vegan life is a lifestyle, not a diet.  How dare I refer to it as a diet.  I'm an animal hater and the worst creature on the planet.

I'm ashamed to say I actually stopped attempting to eat vegan out of pure frustration for those people who gave me shit.  I kept up the vegetarian diet for a few more months, but got so weak that I went back to my normal eating lifestyle for the most part.  But I don't eat much meat these days anyhow.

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Note for self on books to buy for academic yay-ness.  In the library doing work and am in love with a few books I stumbled upon.

Images of the Corpse: from the Renaissance to Cyberspace Elizabeth Klaver Ed. 2004

Art and Pornography: An Experiment and Explanation by Morse Peckham 1969

Virtue and Beauty: leonardo's Ginevra de' Benci and Renaissance Portraits of Women by David Alan Brown Ed. 2001

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Got home from Belgium and Ireland.

My ovary and appendix nearly ruptured.

Both are removed.

I need more pain meds then they gave me.  Stingy fuckers.