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Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much. —Oscar Wilde

The Rabbit's Journal

18 October 1987
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ATTN: Scotland 2009 archaeology complete. Summer 2010 Ireland and Belgium, complete! Hey, published and junk. Working contract archaeology throughout MD, VA and DC. Iceland is my next digging season 2013. Will be updated when I can't be contacted.

I'm Shaina, 25, archaeologist and geek extraordinaire. Working on that grad school thing. I majored in Anthropology and Art History concentrating on Archaeology. I was a cultural anthropology major before archaeology and it is still my forte. I'd love to focus on Medieval periods, particularly the Viking Age. I have a deep interest in Nordic and eastern cultures. Theory is one of my loves. I'm taking a dive into bioarchaeology to see how I feel about it. I also have a knack with dead bodies So busy, so little time!

Ich mötche faul sein!

I married my high school sweetheart, how cool is that? I am owned by a little asshole rabbit named General Bismark.

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